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Personalised Career Support

One-to-one appointments to support you at every stage of the career life-cycle. 

Career Consultation (45min)

Whether you need help with graduate job applications, navigating job and career transitions, or finding meaningful work that aligns with your skills and values, we’ve got you covered.


Topics you may wish to discuss in this appointment:

  • Transitioning from one industry to another

  • ​Graduate or entry level job searching and applications

  • Searching for work that aligns with your skills

  • Finding work with little experience

  • How to 'sell yourself' to employers

  • Navigating salary and progressing in your career


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Queer Career Consultation

This 45-minute session is specifically tailored for the LGBTIQ+ community, offering the same high-quality career consultation service with a focus on the unique needs and experiences of queer individuals. 


In addition to the general career consultation topics above, some example topics you may wish to discuss in this appointment are:

  • Coming out at work safely in a new or existing job

  • Having difficult conversations with colleagues

  • Dealing with spotlighting at work (your employer assumes you are the voice of the entire queer community)

  • Shedding old values and exploring your career possibilities


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Resume, Cover Letter, Linked In Reviews (30min)

If you've been applying for jobs and not getting any interviews, a resume, cover letter, LinkedIn or Key Selection Criteria review by a professional might be necessary! 

In this appointment we will provide you with expert advice and guidance on your job application and highlight any 'red flags' that might be stopping you from landing an interview. 

Make sure you have a pen and paper handy because we will spend the full 30min dissecting your documents or LinkedIn profile to give you the best chance of success. 

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Interview Preparation & Coaching (45min)

Have you been invited to an interview? Congrats!

We can help you prepare for your next interview with JW Career Consulting's Interview Preparation and Coaching service. 
We offer mock interviews, preparation for assessment centres, and guidance on answering tough interview questions, including the dreaded "tell me about yourself." 

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