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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use the 30min application appointment to look at my LinkedIn?
    Yes! We can use this time to review your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn, key selection criteria or electronic form submission (e.g. a text box you have to fill out when you apply for a job). Keep in mind that the appointment is only 30mins so we may need a couple of appointments to get through multiple documents.
  • Do you offer any bundles or value packs for one-to-one support?
    No we don’t. Instead of offering a ‘value pack’ we wanted to make sure all clients could access the ‘value’ price, so we have set a standard reduced fee across all our services. A 45min session is $140 and a 30min session is $95.
  • I’m a teacher and I want to get out of teaching jobs. Can you help me?
    Absolutely! Justine has worked with hundreds of teachers and nurses wanting to shift away from their original career. She will work with you on identifying skills, values and interests and demonstrate how to use these skills to find work in a new field.
  • I’m having trouble at work because I am questioning my gender identity but I don’t know if I am part of the LGBTIQ+ community... Should I book in for a Queer or standard Career Consultation?
    You should book in for whichever you feel more comfortable with. Both appointment types are 45min and we are always guided by you on what you want to talk about so it doesn’t really matter. Booking in for a Queer Career Consult just gives us a heads up about what you might want to talk about in your session, e.g. your gender identity at work 😉
  • How do I pay for a one-to-one appointment?
    When you book an appointment you will need to put down a $20 deposit. After the session you will be sent a link to make a direct payment online, or alternatively we can send you an invoice to make a direct bank transfer.
  • My daughter needs help with her high school subject selection. Is this something you do?
    Technically yes, we are qualified to help.. However, our expertise is in the early to mid-careers space so we're probably not a great match right now. Please get in contact though because we have some really great recommendations of career practitioners that can help!
  • How many appointments will I need for a big career transition?
    Most clients looking to make a big career change usually need about 3 sessions. Quite often this is a combo of Career Consultations, Resume Reviews and Interview Coaching. I always work with you to create a plan that suits your current situation and timeframe.
  • Can you give me a rough price for a 120min training session?
    Training packages start from $2500. The price varies if you are looking for something bespoke vs something ‘off the shelf’. All of our webinars and in-person training are tailored to your organisation and involve some research and customisation. Session: ‘Being Queer at Work’ practical training seminar guiding students on coming out at work, placements and internships. Topics covered: difficult conversations with manager/supervisor, navigating being misgendered, spotlighting and finding allies in your early career. Time: 2hrs in person Attendees: 30 university students Price: $3,470
  • What are you training requirements?
    To ensure we can deliver the most engaging experience, we require that you provide the following: All participants must have their own chair Projector or TV Screen Computer connected to the screen with HDMI connections We also work best when a whiteboard is available Paper, pens, post-it notes and markers will all be provided for the session. We also run sessions online via Zoom Webinar!
  • What are some training/seminar topics you run?
    We have over 10 years of experience facilitating training and workshops. Some of our favourite topics to talk about are: Navigating the complexities of being queer at work, placements and internships LGBTIQA+: Coming out in your current job Getting 'unstuck': transitioning to a meaningful career Balancing the middle management sandwich Writing a stand out out job application and LinkedIn personal branding How to answer the most dreaded interview question..."So, tell me about yourself". Got an idea for your organisation? We'd love to chat!
  • How do I pay for facilitation and training packages?
    After we have met to agree on the scope of the project you will be sent a quote. To lock in your quote we require a 50% deposit, with the final 50% to be paid 7 days after the service has been provided.
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