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Queer Career Consultation (45min)

Service Description

We know that coming out and having a career crisis often to go hand-in-hand. This 45-minute session is specifically tailored for the LGBTIQ+ community, offering the same high-quality career consultation service with a focus on the unique needs and experiences of queer individuals. In additional to the general career consultation topics, some example topics you may wish to discuss in this appointment are: - Coming out at work safely in a new or existing job - Having difficult conversations with colleagues - Dealing with spotlighting at work (your employer assumes you are the voice of the entire queer community) - Shedding old values and exploring your career possibilities Our expertise is in the early to mid-career stages. If this doesn't sound like you, please reach out for a Free Initial Consultation. If we're not a great fit, we know plenty of other career consultants who might be! Let's work together to forge a path towards a fulfilling and inclusive career.

  • 45 min
  • 140 Australian dollars
  • Online via ZOOM

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